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Automatic Airsoft Target System – Electronic Airsoft Target System – Button System – Remote Controlled Airsoft Target System – 30 Figured Model – (Emoji Model Targets) – DESKTOP MODEL
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Airsoft Range – Front case – Slatted Model – Airsoft Target System – 30 Figured Roller Model – (Emoji Model Targets) – DESKTOP MODEL

Dimensions: most:70cm, Width:20cm, Height:100cm

There are 30 targets.

Full metal case.

The targets are made of 2 mm steel.

Automatic Airsoft Target System.

Electronic System.

Button System – Remote Control System model.


  • Remote control via the RF module. The control distance is a maximum of 100 meters.
  • Remote control is used via an RF remote control. Only the red button of the remote control is used. The other button is inactive.
  • The control card contains a motor driver module that can control motors with higher torques, taking into account the high current needs.
  • Metal, screwable, and high-strength connectors are used for the control box connections. In this way, disconnection from the connection sockets and similar situations are not experienced.
  • The connections of the connectors are Button, Motor, Feed, respectively, starting from the side of the fan grille.
  • The internal cooling system is a mini fan, and it cools the driver by the turbulence method.
  • There are protective gratings at the fan and duct outlet. Minimum dust entry into the box is ensured with the turbulence method.
  • The control box is powered by a 36-watt adapter with a minimum power of 12 Volts and 3 amps.
  • The control box can be switched on and off by means of a switch on the side.
  • There is a status indicator LED positioned internally on the box. At first boot, LED flashes blue 5 times and configurations are loaded for 5 seconds. Afterwards, the LED lights continuously flash red and detect the remote-control commands. When the red button of the remote control is pressed, the LED flashes green and ceases the targeting system.
  • After pressing the remote control, no command will have an effect; it is for safety reasons while the above operation is in progress. However, after this process is finalized, the command entry is allowed again.
  • By using its modifiable control card, additional features can be added for customers.

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